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  Pay Teachers What They Are Worth Bring up Teacher Pay, and there are two types of reactions; “They don’t get paid enough!” or “They only work part time, why should they get more than I make?”.   As a teacher of over 30 years, I can explain why our Teachers need more pay, and why they deserve more for all they do. Let’s look at a teacher’s current pay in Indiana.   I will use the numbers from a teacher’s pay stub from a town in Southwest Indiana that was shared with me. Salary: $32,350/26 pays $1244.00 Tax Withholdings      273.68 Insurance     223.00 Life Insurance       42.00 Annuity        25.00 Net Pay       680.32 Monthly Net Pay Net pay x 2 $1360.34 Monthly Expenses   Apartment rent      735.00 Car Payment     242.00 Student Loan Payment

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